Watch Enlarged Prostate, Prostate Cancer Helped
Through Chelation Therapy Part 4

Serious numbers of men over the age of fifty develop issues with prostrate health. The prostate gland is about the scale of a chestnut and sits at the base of the bladder in front of the colon.

The prostate surrounds a tube called the urethra which passes piss out of the body. Issues can happen when the prostate becomes enlarged or inflamed to the point of marring pissing and causing grim agony.
Such symptoms are might be due just to non-cancerous prostate enlargement, seen ordinarily in aging men, which is known as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia ( BPH ), previously known as prostatism. Other causes might be infection or doubtless a carcenogenic growth. Sadly prostate symptoms are sometimes ignored till they become intolerable.

The nation’s Cancer Institute ( NCI ) states that prostate trouble is the second commonest form of cancer and the second leading reason for cancer-related deaths among men in the U. S. . The prevalence of prostate problems diagnosis in young men is on the rise, however the rate of deaths from prostate problems has been decreasing, probably due to improved detection techniques. Prostrate cancer and other prostate issues brings fear of impotency following surgery, chemical treatment or radiation.


Beta sitosterol has been clinically shown to both decrease LDL cholesterol as well as lower triglyceride levels. Beta-sitosterol is also an excellent adjunctive therapy to chelation as it has been shown to decrease the fatty component of atherosclerotic plaque.

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