Watch Enlarged Prostate, Prostate Cancer Helped

Through Chelation Therapy

ENDOSTEROL PROSTATE THERAPYIn 2008, Every 2 Minutes A Man was

Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer.

Every 15 minutes One Dies From it.

What Can You Do?

Endosterol , We have covered the 6 main causes of prostate problems; hormonal imbalances, cancer, zinc deficiency, cadmium toxicity, calcification and infection.

We have also covered the ingredients best suited to deal with these problems:

Namely beta sitosterol, ellagic acid, pumpkin extract, and EDTA.

The last question to be answered is in what form should these ingredients best be administered?

The answer is as a suppository!

Suppository administration was chosen as the delivery mechanism for Endosterol for 2 reasons.

First, rectal absorption is recognized as being some 20 times greater than oral absorption.

Second, and more importantly has to do with the location of the prostate.

When a suppository is inserted into the body, it rests mere inches away from the prostate itself.

It is this ability of a suppository to deliver ingredients directly to the prostate that makes it the optimal method of administration.

Congratulation, youve now completed a crash course on prostate health.

You know the six main causes of prostate problems, as well as what ingredients can be taken
both preventatively as well as therapeutically.

For more information on Endosterol, a product that combines all ingredients weve talked about, contact MBA Company.

Let’s cover how the same ingredients used in Endosterol have other applications for our health.

In particular, we will discuss Endosterol and the role it can play supporting the body in dealing with
chronic inflammation, circulation disturbances, immune dysfunction and generalized female disorders.

While the ingredients in Endosterol are specifically designed to support prostate health, there are other health conditions that they can support, and in this second part we will briefly go over them.

They are chronic inflammation, poor circulation, imbalanced immune function and generalized female health problems.

Lets start with inflammation.

As we get older, chronic aches and pains can begin to accumulate in the body.

Inflammation is an important part of the healing process but the chronic unresolved inflammation associated with aging is definitely not beneficial.

Chronic inflammation has also been associated with disease conditions ranging from Alzheimers and M.S. to heart disease and strokes.

Clearly, inflammation is a problem that needs a solution.


Immune function is the second issue —

While most people believe that a stronger immune system is a better immune system, the truth is that what we really want is a strong and balanced immune system.

A person suffering from allergies has a strong but unbalanced immune system.

A person suffering from an autoimmune disease also has a strong but imbalanced immune system.

To understand the concept of immune balance, we will compare the immune system of a person to the internal and external security of a “”ritzy”” nightclub.

In the nightclub there are doormen and bouncers. The job of the doormen is to make sure that only the right sorts of people are allowed in.

The job of the bouncers is to wander around inside the nightclub and toss out anyone that starts causing trouble.

In order for the nightclub to operate successfully, there needs to be a balance between the doormen and bouncers to keep the nightclub running smoothly.

On the other hand, if the doormen are too aggressive and the bouncers too passive, or vice versa, the nightclub will have problems.

Lets look at the first scenario, overly aggressive doormen and passive bouncers.

With overly aggressive doormen, perfectly good clients will be denied entry to the club. With passive bouncers, anyone who does get in and then causes a problem wont be removed.

This type of immune imbalance is paralleled by a person with continual allergies and colds.

Endosterol A diagnostic exam of the prostate through the wall of the rectum is a regular part of a physical examination for men over the age of 40. If the physician feels a lump or hardened area, further tests are ordered. The presence of a lump in the prostate need not be evidence of cancer; about half of such lumps and nodules are caused by fibrosis, calcium deposits, or other noncancerous bodies.

Other diagnostic methods include examination by a cytoscope, a laboratory examination of tissue and prostatic fluid samples, and the examination of a urinary pyelogram, which indicates obstructions from the prostate walls.

A blood test for prostate specific antigen (PSA) has brought a 600 percent increase in new cases of prostate cancer since the mid 1980s. The test indicates high levels of an enzyme produced by the prostate gland, revealing both potentially lethal cancers and slow-growing tumors that may never threaten life.

Endosterol The causes of prostate cancer are not completely understood, but certain risk factors for developing the disease have been identified. The chance of developing prostate cancer increases markedly after age 50. It is twice as common among African-Americans as among white Americans.

Prostate cancer may have a genetic component; it has been shown that having a father or brother with prostate cancer doubles a man’s risk of getting the disease. Most studies indicate that a diet high in fat increases the risk of developing the disease, while regular exercise and maintenance of a healthy weight reduces the risk.

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