Prevention And Treatment Of Prostate Problems Part 4



Acute Bacterial Prostatitis

Prostate Enlargement

Prostate Cancer Prevention

The tests that a doctor performs are designed to rule out the much less common problem of prostate cancer. If there is any doubt, the doctor may refer you on to a specialist.

If you have benign hyperplasia then there are certain lifestyle changes that can greatly improve things. Cutting down on caffeine and alcohol is a good way to start.

Several well-conducted studies have demonstrated that tomatoes can greatly improve prostate health, and research has shown that eating tomatoes may even help to reduce the risk of prostate cancer. This is because of their high proportion of lycopene, which works together with the many other protective phytonutrients found in tomatoes. When tomatoes are cooked or included in a sauce more of their powerful phytonutrients are assimilated.

Also, when we combine tomatoes and broccoli and eat them together, then their separate biologically active compounds work on different pathways, and this produces an even more powerful affect on prostate health. (Though tomatoes are best eaten cooked, broccoli is best eaten a little undercooked in order to protect its valuable properties.)

It is always best to consume the complete vegetable or fruit, choosing organic produce when possible since this contains a greater abundance of the essential nutrients.

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