Prevention And Treatment Of Prostate Problems Part 5



Acute Bacterial Prostatitis

Prostate Enlargement

Prostate Cancer Prevention

When organic tomato ketchup was compared with ordinary tomato ketchup, for example, it was found that the organic kind contained 3 times more lycopene than the regular kind.
Fruits such as pink grapefruit, watermelon, papaya and apricots also contain high levels of protective lycopene and should be eaten as part of the regular diet by anyone experiencing prostate problems. Research has shown that men who frequently ate these vegetables and fruit were more than 80% less likely to develop prostate cancer than those who rarely ate them.

Another tried and tested means of helping the prostate is drinking green tea. In one well conducted study men who drank the most green tea had an 86% reduced risk of prostate cancer when compared to men who drank little or none.

Soy beans and products derived from them such as tofu and soya milk have also been shown to improve prostate health and you would be well advised to include these healthy foods in your diet.

If you have been experiencing what might be problems with your prostate, then visit you doctor for a check-up and be sure to include these great foods that will help your prostate to function well.

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