Prostate Problems – Prostate enlargement or BPH Part 3



Acute Bacterial Prostatitis

Prostate Enlargement

Prostate Cancer Prevention

How common is BPH?

BPH can start after the age of 40 and becomes more common as men get older. It affects nearly all men, though some men do not have any symptoms even though their prostate may have started to grow larger. BPH usually becomes more of a problem over time, with symptoms getting worse if they are not treated. An Australian study showed that one in seven men aged over 40 years reported being diagnosed with prostate disease. About two in every three men over the age of 40 with prostate disease have had treatment.
The causes of BPH are not well understood. Some research shows that there may be genetic links, as sons of men diagnosed with BPH are more likely to develop prostate disease. Older age and the male sex hormone testosterone are linked with BPH. However, they do not necessarily cause it. It is known that BPH only happens when testosterone, which is made in the testes, is present.

What are the symptoms of BPH?

A number of men with BPH may not have many or any symptoms of the disease. The men who do have symptoms of BPH usually find that there are noticeable changes to their urination because BPH affects the part of the prostate that surrounds the top part of the urinary tract. LUTS (lower urinary tract symptom) is a common term used that describes the range of urinary symptoms linked with BPH.

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