The Merck Manual has previously indicated surgery as “definitive” treatment for this common condition. Medicine is now frequently prescribed first, one of the more popular being finasteride ( “Proscar” ) made, handily enough, by the Merck company. Proscar is really a rather perilous substitute for an herbal cure, as at least 50% of all pharmaceuticals are. The classic herb bootlegged in this example is the saw palmetto berry.

Saw palmetto is a plant that grows down south in Georgia and Florida along the sea. The leaves are palm-like, and the stems are serrated, thus the name. According to The Herb Book by Dr. John Lust, a spoon of the dark-colored berries is drenched in one cup of water, and that’s taken a couple of times daily.

There are no complications or contraindications listed. This is in sharp contrast with the drug Proscar. Proscar has many major complications, and they’re stated on the package insert, published in advertisements for the drug, and listed in the Doctor’s Desk Reference ( PDR ). The PDR is available in any book shop or library, and you’ll find a copy at all drug counters. EU studies have confirmed that saw palmetto berries are a statistically major treatment for enlarged prostate. They’re obviously a safer treatment, and less expensive also.


Endosterol suppositories offer state of the art prostate support. Endosterol contains beta-sitosterol, saw palmetto, pumpkin seed, dandelion, ellagic acid and Mg Di-K EDTA. Beta sitosterol is both an aromatase and 5-alpha reductase inhibitor thus decreasing the conversion of testosterone to both estrogen and Di-hydro testosterone. Ellagic acid has been shown to induce aptosis in prostate and other cancer cell lines within 48 hours. Due to the rectum’s immediate proximity to the prostate, Endosterol delivers its benefits much more efficiently than oral preparations.

Reducing Enlarged Prostate and inflammation

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