Symptoms of Acute Bacterial Prostatitis Part 2



Acute Bacterial Prostatitis

Prostate Enlargement

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Prostate gland seems to be a small gland in the bodies of men, it affect lots of sexual function of men. Symptoms of acute bacterial prostatitis can be very obvious, and they vary in different kinds of infection. In clinical cases, there are two types of symptoms of prostatitis: local symptoms and systemic symptoms. Patients who have hematogenous infection have systemic symptoms and for those who have lymphatic or diffusible infection, they are more possible to have local symptoms.

Prostatitis is a common disease occur on male and the average age of the patients are getting younger. So what are the symptoms of acute bacterial prostatitis?

Local symptpms:

Irritation in the bladder and urethra: frequent urinate, urgent urinate, pain when urinate, urinate difficulty, hematuresis and even urodialysis.

Irritation in the rectum: pain in the anus and perineum, constipation, pain when discharge and the pain sometimes spread to the abdomen.

Systemic symptoms:

A sudden hit of symptoms, high fever, pain and atony in the muscle and articulation, inappentence, vomit, and even symptoms of toxaemia.

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